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We use raw organic sugar as our exfoliating device because it isn't as harsh as synthetic or petroleum derived chemical scrubs. Raw sugar is gentler on skin tissue than nut shells, which can sctatch and injure the skin, and raw sugar isn't as drying and irritating to delicate skin as salt scrubs can oftentimes be. Life Skin Care uses raw organic sugar because it also has a faster melting rate so there is less irritation from the possibility of "over scrubbing". So Smooth Raw Sugar Scrubs may taste great, and are made with food grade ingredients, but they are not intended for internal consumption. Life Skin Care So Smooth Raw Sugar Scrubs are NOT intended for use in the eye area. If eye contact occurs, flush with water and seek the advice of a physician if necessary.
All of the products LIFE offers can be used at any time throughout the day and night, though it is recommended to use them during and / or after a warm shower or bath. Skin is clear, moist, and receptive at this time and the deep penetrating botanical ingredients can go to work easily, leaving entire body radiantly soft. LIFE Skin Care products are intended for external use only by both men and women alike. LIFE Skin Care is not recommended for use on, or by, individuals under the age of 18. Those with known allergies to nuts, flowers, and grasses, would be advised to seek the opinion of a physian and / or perform a skin patch prior to use.