This page is dedicated to answering some of your questions about Life Skin Care botanical products. Ingredients we use are in their most natural state and when combined, create individual colors and aromas, each one different than the next. Being raw and organic, our products have a unique look and feel; unlike anything else you have seen, used or have smelled before. The Balms and Oils have a beautiful, earthy, green-blue color, partly due to the mixture of green vegetable oils such as Avocado, and German Blue Chamomile essential oil. Each of our luxurious products have an exotic spa like natural fragrance, a result of our exclusive unique synergistic blend of essential oils. Our So Smooth Raw Sugar Scrubs are the color of wheat and have a pleasant sweet earthy floral aroma. We�ve been told all of our products are quite delicious and our clients are all devoted users. See our Testimonial section below to read some of the truly wonderful things our clients have to say about Life Skin Care.

Using Life Skin Care Products

Life Skin Care products are intended for external use only by both men and women alike. They are not intended for use on, or by, children under the age of 18. All of the products we offer can be used at any time throughout the day and evening, though we recommend using them during and after a warm shower or bath. Skin is clear, moist, and receptive at this time our deep penetrating botanical ingredients can go to work easily. For optimal results, use with So Smooth Scrubs.

Life Skin Care Balms

The Balms

All of Life Skin Care Balms are highly concentrated and only a very small amount is needed. They are solid at room temperature but quickly melt on contact with skin. Warm Balms between fingers or palms to �melt� them. For face, neck and decolette` application, softly press Face Balm - hydrate into skin. Avoid tugging or pulling on the skin to preserve elasticity. When using our Fab-U-Lous Foot Balm, gently massage into skin with small circular motions. Since our Balms consist of Shea Butter, they have a longer absorption time than our Oils. On average 5-10 minutes should suffice, though absorption rates will vary depending on the individual. Allow the Balms to fully absorb before dressing as some staining may occur. Store Balms tightly capped in a cool, dark place. Keep out of direct sunlight and heat as liquification will occur. All of Life Skin Care Balms are NOT intended for use in the eye area. If eye contact occurs, flush immediately with water and seek the advice of a physician if necessary.

Life Skin Care Oils

The Oils

The main ingredient in all of our Oils is Jojoba Oil, which isn�t really an oil at all, but rather has the composition of a liquid wax, consisting of nearly the same properties as human sebum (oil). Avocado Oil is another ingredient we use which allows for deep penetration of elements into skin tissue. Life Skin Care Oils are highly concentrated and only a little is needed. Each formula comes with an appropriate dispenser for measuring precise amounts. The absorption rate for our Oils is 5 mins or less. Absorption rates will vary depending on the individual. Allow the Oils to fully absorb before dressing as staining may occur. Best when used on exfoliated clean skin. Store Oils tightly capped in a cool, dark place. Shake well before using. Keep out of direct sunlight and heat. Life Skin Care Oils are NOT intended for use in the eye area. If eye contact occurs, flush with water and seek the advice of a physician if necessary.

Life Skin Care Scrubs

So Smooth Scrubs

We use raw organic sugar as our exfoliating device because it isn�t as harsh as synthetic or petroleum derived chemical scrubs. Raw sugar is gentler on skin tissue than nut shells, which can sctatch and injure the skin, and raw sugar isn�t as drying and irritating to delicate skin as salt scrubs can oftentimes be. Life Skin Care uses raw organic sugar because it also has a faster melting rate so there is less irritation from the possibility of �over scrubbing�. So Smooth Raw Sugar Scrubs may taste great, and are made with food grade ingredients, but they are not intended for internal consumption. Life Skin Care So Smooth Raw Sugar Scrubs are NOT intended for use in the eye area. If eye contact occurs, flush with water and seek the advice of a physician if necessary.


Life Skin Care is very grateful for our customers. Here are some of the many wonderful things they say about our products.
Life Skin Care Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

�How do I know which products are right for me?�
Life Skin Care manufactures products for normal, oily and dry skin types and formulates them accordingly You can find the properties and skin types associated with our products listed on the Shop Life and Ingredients of Life pages on our web site.

�How long will my products last?�
Life Skin Care products do not contain any chemical preservatives and have a shelf life of up to three months if stored tightly capped in a cool, dark place and used in a sanitary manner. We recommend using our products with clean hands at least twice a day while they are fresh. As with any raw product, the quality of the ingredients will deteriorate over time, and moreso when exposed to the elements (air & sunlight). Use according to our guidelines and our products will probably be used up before they expire. Life Skin Care products come with a creation date and an expiration date. We do not recommend using the products beyond the expiration date.

�I�m allergic to nuts when I eat them, but, can I use Life Skin Care?�
Life Skin Care products contain nut & seed oils in the form of raw organic Avocado, Grapeseed, Macadamia, Borage Seed and Jojoba oils. We recommend doing a skin patch test before begining any skincare regime and/or consult with your dermatologist / physician prior to use.

�I use the face balm and love what it does for my skin. Can I use it on my new tattoo? Will the balm affect the colors?�
We have had wonderful testimony from clients who have used our Balms and Oils on their tattoos, and with great results. The Face Balm DOES NOT FADE INK COLORS! This was one of the greatest things we had learned from our clients!

�I have oily skin and have been using the Face Oil balance for about a week and noticed a couple of breakouts
Should I stop using it?�

This is a common occurrance with any new skincare regime and what you may be experiencing is your skin adjusting to the natural botanicals. Life Skin Care products are made with whole life ingredients which are proactive within skin tissue. After another week of use, the skin should return to a clearer normal state. After continued use, most clients have seen a great improvement in their skin�s texture and clarity. Remember to be patient while you are adjusting to new products. If the condition persists, or worsens, check to see if whether it is normal breakout or perhaps an allergic reaction to a particular ingredient and otherwise discontinue use and consult with the appropriate licensed medical practitioner.

�Why does my new Face Balm seem to have a slight grainy texture to it?�
All of Life Skin Care products are made fresh daily from whole life ingredients. The Balms have a �curing� stage wherein the ingredients solidify. The subtle chrystaline texture is by no means a defect, but rather a result of variables and subtle nuances in ingredients and the manufacturing process. Once the Balms are warmed in the hands and smoothed on the skin, the chrystaline texture will vanish and a silky smooth texture will replace it.

�I really like the fact that your products are totally pure and natural but what I�m wondering is - will the oils feel greasy?�
Many people are accustomed to commercially made personal care products which contain mineral oil. Mineral oil is a synthetic and has a slippery feel to it. Mineral oil acts like liquid plastic on the skin by not allowing it to breathe and clogs the pores, trapping dirt and bacteria underneath. Conventional skincare products also contain other synthetic ingredients and nano particles which allow for more rapid absorbtion. On the contrary, Life Skin Care products are made from raw organic plant oils which are easily absorbed and have a similiar molecular structure to that of our own skin, and because of this, they won�t ever suffocate or clog pores. The Oils may feel slick to the touch, but when they are applied to the skin, that feeling instantly disappears. What�s left behind is silky soft, hydrated, well balanced skin.

�My So Smooth foot scrub is past the expiration date. Can I still use it?�
Life Skin Care products come wth a creation date and expiration date to ensure our products are always fresh. We use raw plant ingredients which are subject to deterioration over time due to the very nature of them being raw. We don�t add any toxic chemicals to �preserve� our skin care or prolong it�s shelf life and rely on the individual natural preservative properties of our ingredients. If a product has past it�s expiration date, we highly recommend discontinuing use and replacing it.

"I�d like to buy your products for a friend as a gift. Do you offer gift receipts for exchange?�
Though we strive to make everyone happy, our products are made with organic plant oils and therefor we do not offer returns or exchanges. Due to FDA regulations, and our use of raw food grade ingredients, Life Skin Care products can not be returned or exchanged. Life Skin Care�s return policy is listed on the Shipping & Returns page and under Terms & Conditions. Here you will find all comprehensive policy and procedure information regarding returns and shipping & handling.

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